Department of the Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Year of established: 2003

Intake of the student: 60
The department has qualified faculty, well equipped laboratories and infrastructure
Faculties are encouraged to take independent initiatives with collective responsibility in all relevant academic activities. They have ample freedom to associate as member of team with other faculty or faculty in inter disciplinary area
The department conducts sports, cultural programs and technical seminars for students and keen on consistently improving faculty student’s relationship. Industry visits are arranged for students to enhance their technical knowledge. Students have been  given sufficient placement training  
The department conducts remedial classes for weak students to improve their academic performance
The department has put in place student counseling system and has designated teacher councilors to continuously monitor the students, act as guardians and also to send students growth report, attendance & IA marks to their parents
The department regularly assesses the training need of the faculty members and sends them outside the institute for training. In house training programs are also conducted
Faculty and students are motivated to do higher education and research


To develop young minds into competent professional engineers in the field of electrical engineering.


  • To promote learning environment, by realistic approach, that enables the students to ensure academic success.
  • To prepare students to be proficient at putting theory in to practice in multidisciplinary environment
  • To mentor, assist, motivate, nurture young minds to understand importance of professional skills and be aware of social, ethical and environmental issues associated with their professional activities.
  • To encourage the students and faculty for higher studies, training and research activities in the department.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The department will arrange to develop the young minds:

  • To enhance basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering so that the students will have the ability to solve engineering problems.
  • To inculcate the ability to gain multi disciplinary knowledge through projects and industrial training to meet the industrial needs.
  • To prepare the students for a successful career with effective communication skills, team work skills and promote awareness among students towards issues of social relevance and professional ethics and practice.
  • To engage in lifelong learning, career enhancement, research and adapt to changing professional and social needs.
  • To provide sufficient training and placement to all the students so that they demonstrate technical competence in the industry.

Program specific outcomes (PSOs)

  • To produce electrical engineers having strong theoretical foundation required practical knowledge and good design experience.
  • To prepare students to make them capable to use software for design, simulation and analysis of electrical systems.
  • Develop technical knowledge, skill and competence in advanced technologies in the field of electrical engineering.